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I really need to stick to technical issues I guess. I really have been misinterpreted. I have no problem with anyone.

My problem I guess is whether or not to go into detail. I have no problem with doing this, but there often comes a point where there has to be some homework. I can't fix the problem without the car. I may be able to instruct someone to do such, but in this case the next step was text. Someone had to have the info card in front of them to do the next step. I could continue to gather and transmit each document but my time becomes wasted at that point.

To go where we were going a map was needed. I even need the map when I take the journey. I have no problem with people not wanting to go this far but I was afraid that I might loose a bull in a china store by hand feeding each item of info. Reference material is absolutely necessary to do this work. There are only simple answers if you've been there before. Maybe the most serious feeling was that I might make this seem so simple that one might hurt one's self.
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