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Here is the number for the salvage yard where the maroon 300D is located - (912) 929-9858. If anyone wants I could possibly ride by there over the next couple of days and try to get information off of it (vin#, etc). On down the road from this one is a 1980 300D (non turbo) that is for sale $2500 - phone number is (912) 785-8686. It is brown and looks kinda/sorta ragged out. When you sit in the drivers seat your butt kinda lists towards the door because something is wrong with the seat - the car looks pretty level. I did not drive it, just sat in it and looked at the engine. Showing over 100k miles on the odo. It did not look like it was worth $2500.
I guess that kinda tells ya'll what kind of area I live in where people can leave these cars in front of their business for sale, unlocked where you can check them out during the weekends.
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