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The seat removal is really quite simple.....move the seat to the rear and you will need to remove 2-10mm bolts from the front of the seat, then you need to raise the seat as high as possible by pulling up on the side handle and maybe use a friend to push the seat toward the front of the car...once the seat is raised then move the seat forward as far as possible and you will have 2- 10 mm bolts at the rear of the seat rails to remove...then their is a additional bolt to remove from the seat guide that is bolted to the driveshaft tunnel just behind the front seat....push the seat guide all the way forward and you can pivot the seat 90 degrees and lift and pull it out the door. If you want extra room you can disconnect the door so it will open wider and or remove the door...My seat needs additional padding not springs...Jim
James A. Harris
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