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Old 12-28-2000, 05:22 PM
93 190 2.3
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I tried to post this question earlier today but it never came up? I must have done something wrong, I'll try again. I just bought my son a 93 190e 2.3. It needed brakes all the way around. I replaced the discs and pads on all four corners. When I got done, I have very little peddle and stopping power! I hadn't opened the hydraulic system but I've gone ahead and bled the brakes with no success. I then removed the master cylinder and found nothing wrong with it also. After the fact I picked up the CD repair manual and it stated that the ABS unit should be bled. My ABS unit doesn't look like the picture in the manual, and has no "sp" bleeder screw? My question is, have I messed up something in the ABS unit when I pushed the pistons in the calipers while fitting the new pads? Has anyone ever had this problem? and why is my ABS unit not like the one in the manual? My son sure likes this car, but would like it more if he could drive it. Any help will be appreciated as I'm not looking forward to a 70 mile tow to the closest dealer. Thanks!
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