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I am humbled by your remarks, and thank you.
Your MB knowledge is astonishing, to say the least (I understand this has been acquired thru schooling and experiece)

Recent experiences with mechanics (not personally, but family members) have somewhat angered me.
This may be off topic, but I will tell you the story:
My brother in law bought a Mercury Grand Marquis, 1987 with only 55K miles $3500.00 (V8, 305 engine, power everything and all works) the idle is so smooth you only know the engine is running because the belts are moving. Inmaculate in and out (typical story of old couple where the husband dies). A year later (60k)the car stumbles as soon as it starts. He has it towed to a local mechanic, where he says it needs a transmission @ the tune of $1K, he sends it to another shop 1 mile away, same story.
My in law knows I love to play with cars, so he gives me a call (he only knows how to put gas in them, besides driving them). I almost hit the ceiling when I heard it.
I told him I could fix it much cheaper, if he pays my roundtrip airline ticket to NY for the weekend ($70 thru my sister who works for AA). Well, I get there, 1 hour diagnosing I decide it must be the fuel filter. I go to Autozone, buy the filter, put it in and EUREKA, car runs fine.
They wanted to rip him off. And those were "professional mechanics", I am a low-medium car DIY.

Electronics Engineer as a career.

Now he bought a 2004 4runner, and sold me the land-boat for $750.00
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