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In 1995, I was replacing my trusty 116 450SEL 1980 intake manifold gasket. When I was consulting with the Mercedes mechanic that does all of my work that I can't or won't do he strongly recommended R&R of the plastic guide(s) and bushings (probably called something else). In my car they look like they were originally white/yellow but had turned brownish. He stated that there was a new material out (black in color) that they were replacing the old ones with, and it was highly recomended. He said that when they fail (break, shatter) throttle control becomes iffy. When i pulled it apart it disintegrated.

It is a ball shaped about an inch in diameter.

Just my 2 cents worth. Be safe.

I met a lady at the Annapolis, MD dealership last week who had her 500sl go full throttle through a congested area. She woundup in a parking lot turning a 100+ finally putting the trans in neutral and then killing the ignition after stopping. Ugh. The living dead. don't drink with them. It's very bad luck.

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