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Thanks for your help.

Duke2.6 There is a O2 section on the report but no reading or max or min.

Benz300 Edison is to far north for me. I agree with your assesment of the inspectors (they are supposed to be our civil servants, yeah right). I go out to the farm country where they inspect by appointment, there are no lines and the attitude is slightly better.

Theurig Yes I remember reading about it on this forum but I forgot all about it I should have added it before I went there, but next time, I will.

Since I have to show that I did something to repair the car, I will buy some air filters, plugs, etc. and try it again.

On the form that I have to fill out there are repaire catagories such as charcoal canister, I do not know if my car has a charcoal canister, I have not changed it in 8 years since I have owned it. Does that have anything to do with HC?
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