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Temporally shifted, multi-dimentional beings only need apply?

I'm not sure that I need to dignify this last remark with a reply.

But perhaps, just for the sake of intellectual debate, you could cite for us what you think was "the most amazing century so far in the entire history of mankind". :p

Seriously, I did leave out something of great importance to all of us here that transpired during the century we just put in our rearview mirrors. And, for that I apologize.

There are actually two primary things that bring us together here. The first I already mentioned, the invention of the computer (the internet being a natural result of that).

I didn't think that I needed to state the obvious. But, the most important development of this last century that brings us all together her and now is the very existence and continued development of the Mercedes-Benz.

"We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror."
- Marshall McLuhan -

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