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contimuation of more things that do not make sense.

OK manny how much time do we spend engaged in 2nd gear, do cars noramlly travel in second gear? no, they should adapt testing condtions to each car in terms of engine size. Yes 2500 RPM would make sense for a 4 cyl ~ 2 liter engine but not for a V8.

On top of that in the inspection pamphlet they go in detail of how important the NOx measurement for emmision testing is when they did not even do it on my car or at least they did not list the reading.

On top of that if your car fails they only accept work done by NJ mechanics, if the work is done by a mechanic from another state they do not accept it and they refuse to retest. What only NJ mechanics know whow to work on cars? It is good that there is a provision of doing the work yourself, I have not tested this yet. They may come up with some other excuse.
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