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Thanks everyone for responding. Donald, I have had rebuilt parts too for my GM and Ford vehicles in the past. Most noteably, I have a 1986 Olds Delta 88 in the garage here. I had a shop put three rebuilt water pumps on in a 2 year period and then bit the bullet and bought a new one. The new one was bought in 91, and is still on the car today. I just looked at my Mercedes alternator, and there is a remanufactured tag on it. I may just spring for a new one now and hopefully eliminate many headaches.

One thing that puzzles me still, I put another known good battery in with 13+ volts. When I turn the key to on position, my abs light flashes 3 times and the o2 light comes on, but none of the other cluster lights come on? Is this because I still have a bad alternator installed? Or another problem?
Ron Miller

1986 300E
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