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Hello MB users,

I have a question about the US specifications concerning imported vehicles and hope any of you can give me a satisfying answer.
Within a few months I'm going to the states for about 1 year and want to take a German registered (W124) 300CE-24 convertible with me with the intention to leave/sell it in the states after I leave.
This car has to be changed conform the US specs and I need to know what exactly I have to change te get it DOT & EPA proved.
Since this is a MB/USA page I'm hoping to get some answers...
Does the car need side-lights (front & rear)?
Are EURO headlights good for US use?
Is the US parking brake system the same as the EURO?
Does the US have a seat belt & key warning buzzer?
Are EURO bumpers the same as US bumpers?
Do I need to modify the impact strength of the doors (who knows what is inside the US models/a picture would be helpfull)?
I know I need a third braking-light...
Are there any other differences between the EURO & US specs which will result in modifying the car?

I tried to get some answers from a DOT Registered Importer, but since they are not to rebuild the car (I can do it myself before I'm to ship the car), they don't want to cooperate.

Please give me some information so I can modify the car and do not have to drive a sucking buick or chevrolet next year....

With kind regards,
Steve Krabbenborg The Netherlands

1990 300SL-24
1993 C250D
with a minor 600+k kilometer
(the Netherlands)
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