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Thanks very much for the replies. I plan on doing nothing less than regrinding all journals and replacing all bearings. I would do not do a patch up on this engine. I will also replace the rings and check everything out there. I will find someone who can do the crankshaft correctly.

My biggest concern is still finding out what caused this so that I don't put together an engine that ruins the crankshaft again. The oil in the cylinder, all over the head gasket around that cylinder, and all down the block around that cylinder is very confusing. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before.

I'm rebuilding this engine to go back in the car, just because it's an old friend and I can't stand seeing it sitting out next to the barn any more. It needs to be put back on the road even if it's nothing but a back up car for my daughter or wife.

Thanks again for your responses and have a great day,
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