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Jeff R
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I recently bought my '90 300SE and have been trying (myself) to fix the little things that are broke. So far, so good, but I'm stuck on one problem--

Neither the driver side nor passenger side visor vanity lights (by the mirrors)work. Upon closer investigation, a previous owner had apparently tightened the screw in the passenger side visor "clip" so tight that it broke through the plastic clip and the screw itself looks like it likely shorted the positive and ground contacts. In any case, the ground side tests ok, but there is no 12v on the positive contacts for either side.

Seems like a fuse should be blown, but I could not find a blown fuse in the fuse box, and everything else electrical appears to work, (except the rear defroster). (It's not clear to me which fuse it would be anyway, since I don't have a fuse schedule in the fuse box.)

About the defroster--the timing circuit seems to work (by looking at the light on the defroster switch itself, but the defroster doesn't seem to defrost.


1. Are the vanity mirror lights and the rear defroster on the same fuse?

2. Which fuse(s) are likely to be involved here? Are there fuses located outside the fuse box? If so, how do I get to them?

3. Any other thoughts on either the vanity light problem or the rear defroster problem?

Thanks! I really enjoy reading this forum and have learned much already...


92 500SEL (wife's car)
90 300SE

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