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Thus my point... The numbers were incorrect, and thats what I was pointing out. Purely from a fluid-dynamical standpoint.

However, based upon the HT/HS data, and the fact that it is ACEA B3/B4-02, youll see that M1 15w-50 is amongt the best oils out there... Becasue these specs are the basis of the MB 229.x series (and Id bet the 228.x) oil specs.

0w-40 has a lower HT/HS value, but apparently a higher or more sophisitcated additive package (plus the fact that the lower visc. yields a higher MPG, which is required for the 229.5 spec).

Current Diesels:
1981 240D (73K)
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1991 350SD (113k)
1991 300D (228k)
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1993 300D 2.5T (338k)
1996 Dodge Ram CTD (442k)
1996 Dodge Ram CTD (265k)

Past Diesels:
1983 300D (228K)
1985 300D (233K)

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