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Aaron, thanx for sharing this with us. We all should be honored that you thought enough of us to share this tragic event with us. About 10 years ago, a machinist friend had their old time shop expert die shortly after retirement. The widow had the fellow shop guys clean out his home shop. They divvey'd up some of the tools so that every one who had worked with Joe Trono got a memento. I was not a shop member, but a frequent BS'er who joined them for lunch and hockey games. I was given a small machinist square, which I still treasure and keep well oiled in my tool box. While Joe lived to a ripe old age, but not much in retirement, your friends plight brings back memories of Joe. Perhaps his family will let each of you have a small item from his tool box, so you can remember him every time you use that tool? I can't think of a more fitting memorial for a fellow mechanic.
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