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Wipers on a Benz that start to move without anyone switching them on usually start to move because of a lack of battery power.
I don't know whether the "84 330D of Palangi is a W123 or W124 model, but the 124 models have a combi-relais for rear defroster, indicators and windscreen wipers. If the power of the battery is insufficient the wipers can start to move.

Donald Swinford mentioned a set of new keys necessary for a new ignition switch...mercedes leaves you the possibility to order any lock (door, trunk or ignition) conforming the ones used on the car. It take s a week or three to order a lock by chassis#, but then you will still need only 1 key.

Craig, the alarm system is not that difficult on a Benz; it is very well possible that you can repare the tumble/alarm switch in the door handle yourself...

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