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Steve has provided some very good advice (as usual)! You have not stated any info about the car, other than the "big crap", your technical skills, or your objectives. Weighing all these things, if you have the technical aptitude to replace the engine yourself, search out one of the donor cars Steve refers to. The swap shop is a good place to start. I bet you could buy a donor car, swap out the engines and then sell the donor for about what you paid for it. You could also part out the remainder and sell the body to a junk yard. This assumes you have a very good body/interior/paint. Otherwise I would just sell it as scrap/part out and buy a nice replacement.

Overall, an engine swap is not that difficult other than a lot of accessory connections. It provides a great opportunity to really clean things up (new rear main seal, external gaskets, new hoses, etc) which can really improve the reliability once the swap is complete. It does add the the cost of the swap, but well worth it! Also consider buying a hoist and a few of the special tools, rather than renting, since they are not that expensive, and you can take your time to do the job right!

Good Luck!
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