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My MB manual calls for loosening the motor mount bolts, so I did and have supported the engine. The Manual also called for removing the front coil springs, but I didn't since they are contained within the control arm and axle carrier and will move as a unit. It didn't look like I could drop the axle side enough with the tie rods attached.

As I just wrote that last line, it dawned on me that I'm looking at the tie rods with the front suspension totally relaxed. Once I put the jack under which ever side I'm changing, the suspension will come back under some load, the tie rods will level out, and there should be enough room for movement.


I tried good solid, sharp raps (gentle persuasion) with a 3 lb. sledge. No joy. I'll give a try with tie rods attached as Steve suggested.

The brake lines appear to be in excellent shape. Yes I removed them and they came off easily. The rubber is flexible yet firm, not soft or mushy, plus there was still a very faded part number label on one. So I would believe they have been replaced at some point. Judging by the color of the brake fluid, it has been several years though. The brake fluid came out looking like used motor oil, so I opted to completely drain the system and will flush new fluid through it while the whole car is up on stands.

I am taking pictures as I go, and I'll try to sum it up when I finish.

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