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"doesn't take more than an hour with experience", that's the key - experience. But I'm travelling uncharted waters for me, I don't mind taking the long way because I learn. Plus, I found that the left motor mount bolt was loose, at least now it will be tightened down when I'm done. The next time, in 30 years or so, I'll have the one hour procedure .

The alignment will be done after the next step, I'll be taking the car to my local Tech Franz, for a steering box reseal.

One last question, before I grab a cup and start back to work. The book calls for torque of 10 kpm on the big bolt and 2.5 kpm on the 4 small bolts, according to the conversion formula I have that works out to ~70ft lbs and ~18 ft lbs respectively. Did I do my math correct, are the mumbers close?

Thanks for all the help.
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