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Hmmm, now that I've been through it, we could knock it out in an afternoon. Let's see, 4-5 driving days (3 if minimal stops), a day to recuperate from copious amounts of Mexican food and beer, a day to work, another day to recuperate from another round of Mexican beer and food (and Franz does an alignment), then 4-5 days to get home (substitute weeks for days in Deezel's case). Piece of cake.

I still have to button the little stuff up, but came to a stand still thanks to Mother Nature. Even though the car is in the garage, it's cold and damp right now. I also decided that since I'm in there, I'm going to change out the brake hoses even though they seem to be in good shape on the exterior. It's cheap insurance.

While on the subject, I have owned my big torque wrench for nearly 20 years and only Sunday learned it was scaled in both foot pounds and Newtons. Never had a call to look at the flip side of the handle until I laid it down in it's case wrong side up. Dang I'm observant .
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