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my 2cents

Although I live in Austin, Tx., I think I'd like to drive to Atlanta for servicing when you'll open your new facility!!

The timing for reading this was perfect as I JUST finished a letter written to my service advisor and the director of service at the local dealership concerning my 500E. Without going into a lot of detail, I have had my car in/out 4 times over the last 9 weeks JUST to have items addressed that were introduced by the delearship associated with a timing chain/TBA/Wiring Harness replacement. When I got the car back (after 4 weeks), it idled like a "diesel in the morning" and reeked of gasoline. I took it back a second time and 7 days later and an invoice for $450 ADDITIONAL dollars, the car was absolutely the same!! THe third visit(6 days) involved the Service Director and the Shop Foreman and finally the gasoling leak was traced to faulty Suppressors. Finally I still have a slight gas smell so it goes in a fourth time tomorrow morning.

The letter I wrote is an attempt to document the remaining problems as well as complaints in billing and an outstanding request to consider a goodwill repair on the wiring harness. Believe it or not, they are getting irritated at me. I am sure we will get this resolved but as with most of the owners on this site, the anxiety and stress over the last weeks is NOT anything ANYONE wants.

thanks for the ear/eye!!

Mark Herzig
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