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Thank you Larry. Silly me, after 12 years I have a second Ram Air Intake to the air filter on my 103 engine. The problem has always been no room for the additional intake. The light bulb came on. I purchased and installed a new OEM intake snoot, which is one piece to the scoop beside the A/C condenser. Using the original three piece snoot and reversing it's position, positioning the scoop end to the air filter, over the air filter rear hold down vib/stud. This places the original snoot over the cam cover to the rear at approx. 10 oclock(300 degrees) position. Then cutting off the original snoot in the middle of the accordian section and reversing the modified snoot placing the oblong end to the air filter and marking it's size to cut the hole in the A/F to fit the reversed snoot. That solved my problem, no room for the ram air. Loews Lumber has a 4" clothes drier installation kit; with a 90 degree inlet and grid to keep stuff out attached to a 12' length of aluminum tubing. Nothing original, I've looked at these before. I never found room on the right side similar to the left. Down down above and on the road pan, I placed the drier intake/tubing and sttached with Ty-bands to the chassis. You ask as I did, how about the exhaust manifold heat? I have my exhaust manifolds wrapped with insulating material, have had for quite some time and didn't relate to this application. The flmsy drier hose wouldn't last long. AUTO ZONE, 4" air inlet hose, expandable fom 12' to 36", perfect. Put everything together, duct tape the joints in the tubing and snoot, then wrap the gray tape with electrical tape for a black appearance, caulk the snoot to A/F openning. Check it out for fit and appearance. The road test. The throttle response is terrific once you are rolling and have forward air. Oh, I know it isn't cold air in the summer but it is RAM AIR and thats the advantage. Happy Trails Beep Beep from hot head Houston.

Thanks again Larry
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