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Craig, I just recently got a scanner and I am still learning how to post pictures. However I'll try to describe them to you. Just picture the classic MB badge, except the high mileage badge doesn't say Mercedes-Benz on it. At the bottom it will say, for example, 250,000 KM. Then it has 2 wreaths like the MB badge. In the middle, of course is a star, with a "peppled" surface behind it like the MB badge. When I sent for the application to get my "250,000 KM" badge, they sent along a pamphlet showing all 3 "awards". In the pamphlet it showed the 250k one to be in silver/blue and the other 2 in gold/blue. However when mine came in the mail it was gold/blue. It is very nice looking. There are 2 screws that go throught the face of the badge and are held in place with 2 nuts and a plastic backing plate that you fasten on the inside of the grille. They also sent me a certficate, BTW, on very high grade paper, stating in German "Congradulations to 250,000 KM. for Mercedes number....... I forget the exact wording. When I tried to translate it using "Babblefish", (wife did this for me) it comes out being worded funny. Like I wrote above, it coes start of saying "Congradulation to 250,000. It's like there is supposed to be a name, ie; mine, listed after that. However, it immediately states in big gold numbers 250,000 KM. Either way it's very nice. Also all of this was free. It only took 2 1/2 weeks from the time I sent in the application to get the "award".
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