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they were out of loaner benzes.

Benzmac, I'll get a hold of the invoice. Not all of it was 60k service stuff, but the 60k service is what they didn't do correctly.

I'll try to get a hold of the invoices.

On another note, a client of mine who has a 4 month old 2001 C320, had the cars computer completely fail on her. she took the car in on monday, they called today to say it was ready, and when she asked them if they had fixed the computer they said nothing was wrong, and while she was on the phone, the service advisor gets word from the tech that the computer is going haywire.

The Advisor tells her that this was the first time the problem showed up. Now I would think that if you brought the car in for a problem like that, that they would extensively test it and or replace it to see if the problem was still there. So instead she is stuck without her car until sometime next week. And this is the Same dealership my dad's car is at.

She got a Daewoo as a loaner. and was not too happy about that either.

I think its time I get my dad to take the car to an independant tech from now on. It seems like he isn't having much luck with that dealership, and it seems like other people arent either.

Aparently her cars computer would sit there and shut off gauges and flash all sorts of weird stuff on the screen, and dash lights would go on and off, not to mention the car would stall on her when it would start acting up.

I'll keep you guys posted.

benzmac, I'll try to get a hold of the invoices and I'll send the info to you. I'd love to get your opinion on it.

Oh, and my dad still doesn't have his car back. it'll be going on the 4th week next week.

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