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I agree with the assessment that some delearship-service departments are now managed very well. I have had a 9 week-long 'nightmare' with the local dealer... It ended OK but the first four weeks set the stage for conflict. IT started with the service advisor's attitude. I would call him up to get status and he would say he did not know and would send me back to the tech.When I wanted to talk cost the tech would send me back to the service advisor who would tell me that the tech was keeping up with the costs BUT he would call me back which he NEVER did... A LOT of integrity issues which I attribute more to the individuals that the dealership(s) itself. IT wasn't until I involved the service director and the shop foreman that my issues were given proper attention.

My guess is that new car warranty's take precedent over these older/out-of-warranty vehicles. There must be some techs who can give us some insights on how the system works and how to work best with the system!!
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