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OK I have finally convinced my dad that his '99 accord coupe is boring. He says that he'll sell his accord and buy a used MB if I can find one under 13K that is not as slow or as small as my '85 190e. He wants a quick and responsive car that is fun to drive but does not guzzle gas. I was thinking maybe a 300CE might be best but I have never driven or ridden in one so I don't really know. What was the first year that car was produced? I thought about a 90 to 93 2.6 190e, but i think that it will be too small if it has the same interior space as my '85. He said that he liked the appearence of the 300e. How does the 300e handle? Is it nimble and quick for its size or is it as slow as my 2.3?
If you can help me out thanks
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