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i searched through the site but i need more info.

i bought my E420 used. the previous owner had installed an aftermarket alarm through a local installer. other than that, i don't have much info on the unit.

i HATE the alarm on the car. the previous owner did mention that he too hated the setup and that he wished he had installed the unit via MB dealer. (so based on the limited info that i have, i am guessing that the original installer didn't do it properly and/or he/she wasn't a MB mechanic.)

at any rate, i would like the have the unit removed and replace it with something new. my questions are:

1) what aftermarket alarms do you recommend? i realize that one can spend a lot of money on this. my belief is that if someone really wants your car, he/she will take it. so i don't want to go crazy. i am willing to spend 250-300 max.

2) should i get the local MB dealer to do this work? would you trust the installation by local electronic stores like best buy, circuit city, etc, etc.

i am curious. didn't 94 E classes come with factory alarm? it must not be because i have an aftermarket. it seems odd that such a luxury car didn't come with one.

at any rate, any advise would be very helpful. my current alarm is just too damn annoying.


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