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You have an oil leak somewhere that drips on the exhaust. That's the only way you can smell it. It's either from the valve cover dripping on the manifold or your transmission fluid is leaking on the exhaust somewhere. Check both levels. Also check the rubber hose on top of the air filter housing that attaches to valve cover. Make sure it's attached properly and that there are no cracks.

Since you are loosing so much coolant, I suggest turning on the car and have it run while you observe for leaks. There must be a leak somewhere. Check all hoses and pay attention to bottom of water pump there is a small hole under the pump. If it's leaking you are going to need a new pump.
You can also see a trace of coolant from the hole if it's been leaking for a while. Also, make sure that the cap is in place.

The switch next to the shifter is for child protection. It prevents the rear windows from opening. I forgot which position is which. When you see the human figure it's suppose to be locked, I think. Try it.


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