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Ram it Dang it. To all

I drove from Houston to New Orleans and return this week end. If really feels good to step on the throttle and hear the intake noise in response. Joan, Chaca(our Chocolate Lab) and little ole me drove with A/C at 12 oclock high,( speedo and tach at that position on a W124030 automatic), even there it pulled with added throttle. The real sensation is from a dead start. You apply a small amount of throttle and don't add additional, just hold your foot fixed. As it excellerates it feels as if it is getting on the cam, for at approx. 1500-2000 it just takes a deep breath and GOES. I imagine it's the addition ram air from the forward motion. At these speeds the fuel mileage was 27.5 mpg going East and 25.9 going west. Going East we were envolved in Construction Stop and Go with poor driving conditions. There was a slight headwind returning and it rained and the traffic wasn't as constant. How can I pass this on to those who want it? I took photos this weekend and had them proccessed, looks good. If I had duplicate prints made, would you pay for the cost of the print plus postage. I could enclose the El Cheapo Brake Bleeder to those wanting it as well. This is for those without FAX. Let me know how you would like to handle it. By the BY it looks good Too. Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston.

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