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300SDL bouncing oil gauge


The tensioner, chain, oil pump and oil pump sprocket are very easy to check. Drain oil, remove extra capacity oil reservior on right hand side of oil pan, look inside with very bright light. Test chain tension with finger, it may also be helpful to use an inspection mirror. You may also find some unusual substances in your oil pan if it has never been removed. As usual prepare for the dreaded diesel oil mess, as you may get a little on the floor. I use old cardboard, it soaks up the oil very well.

I think the mechanical oil gauge is an excellent idea that I will install while my engine is out. I will post when I come up with a retrofit.

Do not ignore any unusual indications. The check can be completed easily in a couple of hours. Be careful not to overtighten the bolts when installing the reservior.

Let me know if you find a problem.

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