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Justin . ..I have yet to see any ' dumb ' questions on this forum just buckets and buckets of good sound advice and it's good and safe that you ask. Your 560SEL is one big car, weighing in at a kerb weight of about 1750 Kgs I think. I believe you would be well served by investing in a good 2 or 3 tonne capacity trolley jack and axle stands. I can lift my 500SEL using a trolley jack positioned under the jack point in the centre of the front cross member then placing the axle stands under the rubber lift points just aft of the forward wheel arches. I then lower the jack and keep it in position with the axle stands taking the bulk of the weight. Chock the rear wheels and leave the box in the park position. Then, and only then, is it safe to venture under your leviathan of a car ! The jack in the boot ( read trunk ! ) is solely designed to help you change tyres !
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