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Talking Finally - Step By Step Glowplug Change - '98-'99 E300!

Ok guys, here it is. The mystery is no more. I will outline the glowplug replacement process, including intake manifold removal.

Tools required -
Ratchet and socket set with extensions
torx bits/sockets
allen bits/sockets
torque wrench
Glowplug reamer (optional)
degreaser/carb cleaner
rolls of paper towels for black goo
Needlenose pliers
Flat band clamp pliers

Parts required -
6 glowplugs
1 intake manifold gasket

Reasonably competent shade tree mechanics should be able to change their own glowplugs and fuel hoses without paying hefty dealer charges. I changed my glowplugs today with $130 in parts. Most pay $600 at the dealer.

1. The first step is safety. Make sure your car is safely on ramps, a lift or jackstands before you get under your car. Apply the parking brake, and wheel chocks if you have them. Work on a cool engine and use proper hand and eye protection. Don't take chances with your safety. Ok disclaimer over

2. The first step is to remove the valve cover cover. It takes basic allen sockets/bits to remove and comes off easily. If you have trouble with this step, I highly suggest you take your car to the dealer to have the glowplugs changed. While this cover may not be 100% necessary to remove, its good to inspect the integrity of the CCV puck and it's connections, and clean that area. The main reason for removing this cover is so that when you reinstall the manifold you have more room to work with, and have less of a chance of breaking off those flimsy plastic clips that hold the fuel lines in place. Be very careful not to break those and have plastic pieces fall down into the head.

Here is what the valve cover looks like with the cover off.
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