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3. Remove the windshield washer bottle. There is just one nut holding it down, remove the nut, and unplug the sensor from the top. Then using band clamp pliers or needlenose if you're skilled, loosen the clamps on the washer fluid hoses, and remove the hoses. Be careful as fluid will come out of one of them. No problem, just open the reservoir and let it drain back in. Once you've done this, the reservoir is free to pull up and move up near the fuse area and out of the way.

4. Removing the intake manifold. There are several TORX nuts holding the manifold to the head. Remove all of them from the top side of the manifold. look to the right side of the throttlebody/egr valve, and you will see a clamp holding the EGR assembly to the corrugated pipe that comes around from the exhaust manifold to the back of the egr. (Evil, evil pipe). Loosen this clamp with a 10mm socket and extension. Remove the bolt, and clamp. Now get underneath the car, and you'll see another 10mm bolt, I believe of a golden color, which holds the intercooler pipe to the egr. Unscrew this screw. Now remove the 2 vacuum hoses from the EGR. Here is a pic of the one on the EGR valve. Pull it off.
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