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Just wanted to update this thread just in case someone has a problem similar to mine.

I took off the panel and found a broken plastic piece in the door. I searched this forum regarding this broken part and determined it was the window regulator guide jaw. (about $5.30 from fastlane). Since it was a Sunday I had no choice but to repair the broken piece on my own. I'll buy a new one and replace it later, for now my "McGiver" repaired part will suffice.

I tested the power window motor and sure enough it was not working. Since I anticipated this would be the problem, I already bought a used replacement from a fellow member (Adam).

As I was putting everything back together, I decided to grease all joints and moving parts. I have a feeling the regulator guide jaw broke because it was fighting friction. That in turn burned out the window motor.

Well, everything is all back together after 2 hours of work and I'm satisfied. Total cost of repair is $60 and 1 can of beer.

Oh by the way, while I was searching for help, there was a question about how to remove the regulator with the window stuck all the way in the up position --- I had the same problem. Just remove all the nuts (about 6 10mm nuts) holding the regulator and the motor. Everything will come out easily. Make sure you have someone holding the window cause it'll literally fall down.

Good luck.

This thread is done...
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