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I'd like to replace my standard headlights with euroheadlights for my '87 300E.One supplier says that modifications have to be made to the headlight washer system when installing these headlights.A merchant said that he knows noone that was able to keep the headlight washers after the conversion.Some internet site mentioned the difficulty also.I really want to retain the headlight washers after the conversion.In fact, if I can't retain the washers, I wouldn't want to do the conversion.Could someone either give me a definitive answer to this question, and instructions on how to retain the washer system, if possible?Also, a merchant mentioned he could install xenon headlights.Wouldn't this just give me low beams only, since this isn't a dual headlight assembly?Could I retain both low and high beams if 2 headlights (one low beam xenon bulb and one standard halogen high beam bulb per side--if you could fit them there) were installed--wouldn't I have to give up the foglight in this case?
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