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It seems to me that mercedes is the only vehicle manufacturer to set trends and change the way cars look and drive consistantly.

In a world chock full of ugly cars, one always stands out above the rest, and it just happens to be the only car left which looks good with a hood ornament. hehe

What I have also noticed, and anyone correct me if I am wrong with this estimate, is that at least 90% of all celebrities have at least one benz.

Saw a thing on MTV showing off cars of some celebrities, and every celebrity they showed had a benz, whether it was a CL, S, E, C, etc etc. they all had at least one.

Now while watching TV today on TNN all their horsepower and wrenchhead shows, are all about American cars. I'd love to see them take a benz and trick it out. There was some really cool mods they did to a diesel that made it so it could do crazy burnouts. hehe was really cool to watch a big ass Diesel truck burning up the rubber.

Ooooo car and driver TV is on right now, they are doing an expose on the CL Benz. hehe should be a treat to watch them tear it up with that car.

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