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W124 exterior plastic panel removal.

Here's how to remove those plastic panels!

I've searched and posted, looking for the info on how to remove the lower rocker panel body cladding on a W124 without success. The CD manuals dont have good info on this either.

After figuring out how to get them off I figured I'd post it so anyone looking in the future might find it.

Door panels are listed elsewhere - remove screws at trailing edge and then pop off the lower clips. THese require a fair amount of force pulling the lower edge away from the door. Then the door panels slide rearward about 1 inch and lift off.

Lower rocker cladding -

Remove the black door seal that is mounted in the rocker panel (runs the length of the doors). Mine came off easier from the rear first. It just clips in on multiple places. Pull straight out after gently prying the end to get it started. Once this is removed you will see 9 bolts. Remove these as well as 9 bolts from the underside of the rocker panel. There is one more bolt hidden under the front fender plastic cladding. You can pull the bottom edge of the front cladding off (same clips as the lower edge of the doors 3) and get access to the bolt without removing this piece. Now the rocker cover just comes off.

I havent fully removed the small front fender trim, so I'm not sure of the top attachment. And I didnt need to remove the small rear fender plastic piece. If someone wants to chime in with details on those there will be one thread with removal of all W124 exterior plastic panels.

Paul Moruzzi
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