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We don't have a '94 model E300 here nor especially do we have a diesel "estate" or station wagon as we say, so you may not get too much response. I have a '95 E300D, and that was the first year of the new 124 E class diesel (606 engine) in the US. No estate version, however.

I would venture a guess, however, that something was wrong with the car you drove. It absolutely should kick down when you floor it. There is a switch down there under the pedal which "forces" a kickdown if engaged. The tranny should probably downshift anyway before you get to that point, but there are some conditions where you have to mash the kickdown switch to get it to do so.

Otherwise, the non turbo E300D is considered reasonably fast here as diesels go, somewhat slower than the turbo 124 E class diesels which preceded it, but more refined and perhaps less smoke, and much faster than all the older 300D's SD's and 240D's.

And slower than the 201 class E300D turbocharged cars, which started in '97, I think, maybe '98 - I'm sure someone will correct me.

Chris W.
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