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We're Here To Pump You Up!

Mr. Swinford (LONGS-TOE?), et al,

YES! I have RedLine in my Crankcase, Transmission, Fuel system (85+), and my Rear End, Uh, strike that, I meant to say, Differential...

The high dollar oil change rigs (marine) are electric 12v pump systems that dump into a 5 gallon plastic bucket and sell from about $120: to $150: Super efficient, super fast, and echoes an obscure reference Willy Nelson once made about "Keno Girls".

The "TopSider" is a manual pump that looks like a bizarre cross-breeding of an old T-handle bicycle tire pump, and the equally old style flat circular bottom, rounded top gas cans of the '60's. The intent being to create vacuum in the tank by use of the manual pump, release the clip holding the oil drain tube closed, and consequently removes the oil as a result in the artificailly induced change in atmospheric pressure. But it is listed for $39.99. Alon?

Their complete line of Marine oil changers may be viewed at:

These guys even have a pump that even Larry Bible might like because not only is it permanently mounted, it drains the oil from the oil drain plug!: SWEET!

BUT! I'm dying to see what you have created...

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