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Originally posted by tan man
it is just typical of MB and many other mechanics to say it is not enough to just change the bad actuator, that you should change all the "suspect" ones and even the good one. sure, throw money and parts at it to keep it working (and them working).
my flaps were not working either.
I bought my '89 560SL in 9/99 with 30K mile. Since that time I have had to replace various plastic and rubber parts. IMHO this is due to age, environmental factors (heat and ozone), and everday wear and tear. The car now has 60K miles as of 4/04.

$850 OE radiator by Behr due to cracked "plastic" neck on the influent to the radiator.

$615 "rubber" subframe and motor mounts.

$159 valve cover "rubber" gaskets.

$57 "rubber" exhaust hangers.

With regard to the 7 actuator "rubber" diaphragms. I have a choice to repair one, all, or none. Don't forget that if you choose to do them all the dash will need to be removed and the heater box probably repaired. approx cost $1300.00

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