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This is the formula for all things pertaining to the automobile. KISS KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.
I never dreamed such a simple thing as shifting gears in your automatic could raise such response.
Will it hurt the transmission? What do you think?
Did the M/B engineers think of this? What do you think?
Don't exceed the teeny weeny marks on the Tach. What do you think?
Go to Bob what's his name driving school or read his book. Give us a break.
Can't anyone of you make a decession on your own?
Don't you know your machne?
I've used this non M/B or Bob 's technique for 13 years and 177,700 miles and my transmission is as strong as when new. I don't consider the clutches or bands, I just enjoy.
WOW, I think we all should get ourselves a box of pampers for that's about the mentality we show.
Forget what this forum's subject is. Pay no attention to that rebel in Houston. He is doing something that M/B or Bob doesn't approve of.
Whip the slate clean.
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