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Scott, Go to bed

What were you doing editting your thread at 11pm, a man your age needed his beauty sleep, or at least sleep.
When we shift our automatics manually, we become the transmissions "GOVERNER"telling him when to shift up or down.
Our position with our foot on the throttle becomes the "THROTTLE VALVE".
The clunk you referred to shouldn't be there. There are accumulators to soften the application and release of bands and clutch packs, or maybe you have so slack in the drive line?

I guess I was taking out a negative feeling I recieved from fellow members who were asking or adding to questions they really wanted an answer to.
I'm sorry GANG, try it, if you like it I'll send my bank account number and you can make a generous deposit in thanks.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from shifty Houston.

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