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I had similar symptoms... was a combo of Monovalve, blower motor. and cold solder joints on climate control unit (I had em' all).

RepairFlix has good videos on monovalve repair, climate control repair, etc. If you buy direct from his website and not through ebay he will combine shipping on multiple videos.

Scroll down to "Climate Control Computer Repair"


The blower motors are expensive, but very fixable... brushes need to be replaced. Easy
Mercedes Source has a manual including the brushes which fixed up my 1982 300D blower motor. Mine also was intermittant.


Description of the kit (Manual only also available)- (BTW, Fastlane doesn't sell these brushes...)

123/116 Heater Motor Repair Kit
Item # MRG-123HMR

For all 123 chassis cars made from 1977 to 1985 and all 116 chassis sedans built from 1973 to 1980.
This repair guide will take you through the process of how to properly remove your heater blower motor and replace the motors two brushes. This is the most common reason for failure. If your blower motor has been intermittent or some days it won't come on until you drive for a while your motor brushes are most likely at the end of their life. This is something you may just want to replace as a preventative measure. 20 year heater motor brushes are very prone failing at any time. If it has not failed yet it most likely will sometime soon. Along with this detailed instruction guide I will provide you with a set of new brushes (which I have diligently sourced). You will need a soldering iron and a few common hand tools to complete the job. If your car has a over 150,000 miles on it or you know the heater motor has been run a lot, the best time to do this job is now! Donít wait for it to quit on you on a cold winter morning.

PS... congratulations on tackling the fix yourself. THIS BOARD IS GREAT!
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