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Same problems here!

Hi Steve,I just encountered exactly the same stalling phenomena several weeks back,and it only happens when I come to a stop or slowly go around a corner and the car will stall. And warm-starts are always more difficult than cold starts,took longer cranks to get the engine fired up.

I have been reading thru all the threads on this forum as well as others,and it seems like there're really a dozen of likely causes,ranging from simple tuneups which we have overlooked to problems lying with more unusual parts as someone as mentioned here in this thread. And I am getting pretty frustrated because my mechanic doesnt seem to know how to diagnose such a problem.The last time my car stalled last week,I'd it towed immediately to the workshop,only to discover that it was performing alright again.Sigh......

My mechanic suggests I change the "Idle Control Valve" (aka Idle Air Valve/Idle Control Unit/Idle Speed Stabilizer/Idle Speed Regulator" etc.Pls correct me if I'm wrong.And another fren suggested checking the vacumm hoses for leaks or clogged areas.Maybe we can start from here.I might replace my injectors next if the stalling persists.

Then again,it depends on the model of your car.Mine doesnt have an oxygen/lambda sensor,so troubleshoot it according to your car's parts.And of course we need experienced techs from this forum to advise us if they share the same car model and stalling problems.

I'm posting a new thread asking for the part number for the Idle Control Valve,so you might want to take it down.Hope to get it resolved soon,otherwise I'm always feeling insecured whenever I'm at a traffic junction or a carpark.


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