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Well I received my 124 manual library and shocks on the same day so I preceded to complete the job! The manual really did not help much at all except for one point. The "special tool" is a coat hanger rounded to hold the hinge bolt and was a great help I am going to put together a FAQ for my contribution to this great site E-mail me if you have any questions in the meantime and I will give you my phone number and talk you through it. I did not take pictures so if anybody else embarks on this, that contribution would be great. I will give a few quick pointers.

1. when taking the trim off, the vertical piece with the light slides down for removal. There is a tab that goes under the window molding, don't worry its easy to get it back under there.

2. Once you got that the headliner pulls straight back just be sure to remove all the screws it has two screws at the forward end that can be overlooked.

3. Now this is where is can get freaky the soft vinyl has two pegs and remove them. THEN on the side there are little clips on the side get close to them and gently release them. I think there were 2.

4. you will see a square bolt with a locking tab, use needle nose pliers and bend them back then pull the bolt out. You have to move the tailgate up to take the tension off them so they will slide out. What I did because I was by myself is rigged a bungee cord to the ceiling (garage door track) of my garage and that way it took very little effort for one person to move it up and down. I put a backup piece of rope on it in case the bungee broke because that thing will break your legs. The clips at the hinge side remove fairly easily you can spin them using a hooked coat hanger to reach the tab to grab them with Hemo's.

5. Pull the shock out from the back side the headliner bow will flip down and you can pull them right out.

6. before inserting the new shocks make sure both ends are lined up to make inserting the bolts much easier put them in and attach the hinge end first. Using a hooked coat hanger the hold the bolt you can weasel your finger around the wire boot to push it through. There is a small egg shaped hole that you can move the shock around with the other hand to move it in to position. Now don't get discouraged the first bolt took me 15 minutes to fit and the other too 30 seconds IT CAN BE DONE. Once it is half way through pull the coat hanger with pliers and it will come unwrapped from the bolt. Then use Hemo's to replace the retaining clip. Put the end bolt in while moving the tailgate BY NOW YOU WILL BE LOVING THE BUNGEES.

7. My shock boots did not fit my new shocks perfectly so I used nylon wire ties to secure them.
8. Before putting it all back together check the wire harness in the roof to make sure you did not knock anything loose removing the shocks.

This is just a vague picture my faq will be much more technical and literate but hey I was in a hurry to write this. the whole thing took 1.75 hours and was actually a little fun. good luck and please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and I will call you and verbally help you out!

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