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Now that you mention it Alex, I have to admit I was just a little upset that they got the fire out. First, the hassle with the insurance and repairs etc, would be drastically less, if it had been a total loss there would be no argueing that this or that was also damaged etc. Second, if it had been a total loss, I could have gotten a nice 300 TE ot 300 TD as a replacement.

I did spend some time in the daylight checking things out. Damage to the wiring does cross over to the right bank of the engine and as far out as the tail of the tranny (even a little charring to the deck there too). Could not tell which line burst, they are all melted blobs, the heat protective wraps are melted into the rubber and just abig mess. Besides the wiring and hydraulic lines, the steering pump is toast, the ABS unit was right in the middle of the flames (gonna ask that the unit be replaced due to the heat), master cylinder, throtle cable, cruise cable and control head, upper control arm bushings and both the delivery and return fuel lines have scorching on them. A little bit longer of a burn and they would have gone up too.

Fortunately for me, I have a friend who works at the Chevy dealer. I will be requesting he be the mechanic assigned to the job, as I know the job will be done right.
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