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Well the shop that has been working on my car has had it for the last 2 weeks now (they have been real busy), well last monday I went and bought a used Ignition control unit for $100 (compared to $1300 that the shop wanted to charge me for a new one) and brought it to the shop. Well the next day they called and said my car still would not start and I may need to replace the coil (which is new by the way), I told them I was going out of town for the week and would talk to them on Friday. Well I talked to them on Friday and they said either the ignition control unit I bought was bad or I needed a new coil. Anyhow, I havent really spent much money on this problem yet and was wondering, what else could possibly cause a no spark situation? I am going to give them the reciept for the coil and have them exchange to their hearts content and see if that does the trick which I doubt it will. Thanks for your help in advance.
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