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IMHO it is ridiculous to feel guilt for having one of Hitlers cars and think that it sends the wrong message. Museum pieces don't send messages, the information provided surrounding the item is the message. These cars are just artifcacts and do not glorify the third reich.

On the contrary. If it is handled correctly they bring up curiosity in young peoples minds. At that point those young people can be taught about the evil surrounding this terrible man and his regime.

Any message that comes from such a museum is in their own hands. The artifacts simply bring up the subject for discussion.

People need to use their heads rather than jumping to such conclusions.

BTW the car in Photo Number 1 looks much more like the car I saw. I do remember glass damage but didn't remember the story about a GI's Thompson doing it. That is plausible though. By the time the GI's penetrated Germany far enough to reach any of Hitlers possessions they had seen their friends blood and their dead bodies all around them and they probably had discovered the concentration camps by that time. Laying into Hitlers car with a Thompson would be a pretty natural reaction .

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