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U know there were several articles about 10 years ago. What was weird about these articles were that people were going 100 of thousands of miles without changing the oil at all. They only changed the filter. This was published in BMW club of America. They even did some oil analysis saying, that the engine was ok. They were emphasizing that the filter was the most important thing. It was weird. When I waa in a mechanic's tech course. They emphasized that both had to be changed out due to detergents. I feel the same but, it was so weird hearing not just one or two people testifying to this but, several on different cars. I thought I had joined the Twilight Zone club or something. I do change oil and filter every 3000 miles on a regular basis but, looking back at those testimonials made me wonder. How cheap can these people be or maybe they know something all of us don't.
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