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This is my first time posting on this forum.

I own a 2000 ml it came with a fog light switch inside the cabin already. what i want to do is to install fog light on the ml and use the switch inside the cabin to acviated it. I don't want to install a grill gard. I been reading material on the net and talking to the dealer and I got even more confused.

1st, I head that the dealer had to activated the switch. My dealer want to charge me $50 and I head some will charge $85. Can I do the activation myself? and how do I know that it is not already activated? because the switch lights up when I turn it on and the light on my dash lights up indicating I have the fog light on.

2nd, I head that the connection for the fog light is located behing the grill on the driver side and that I would have to splice the connector. my question is what is it connector connected to now and if I splice that connector would turning the fog light on and off with the switch effect to what ever it is connected to now. or is ther another connection that must be made for the on and off and if so where is it right now.

3rd, I heard from the dealer there is a fog light that I could install in the head light and use the switch to activated, but it is not leagal in california, and it is for canada, could any one shead light on that.

lastly, what type of fog light should I get. I some times drive in real foggy conditions to go sking, extra lighting at night would be good too, and what would be good in snow blizzards.

any help will be appreciated.

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